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A reliable video editor, and active in Vancouver’s Independent Film Community as a producer/director since 2015. Bryce strives to make fresh, entertaining, and genuine movies.

Hailing from Vancouver British Columbia, after graduating from two streams (writing and directing) at Langara College Film Arts in 2015 and 2017 he broke his way into the industry as a freelance editor starting on short films, demo reels, and web series before moving his way up to feature film edits and documentaries. Having worked on five feature films as head editor and post-production supervisor.


With help from his collaborative partner Ana Pacheco, they formed Come On In Productions in 2019 where he directed The Star of Therapy, and produced Grandma Lee's Dress and SEED. He is currently working on his feature film directorial debut. 

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Ana Pacheco is a Vancouver born writer, actor, producer, and general shit disturber. Having worked in the film industry since 2014, she has explored several different areas, eventually settling on writing and acting as her primary loves.


In the past decade, she has been fortunate enough to work closely with collaborator and creative partner Bryce Iwaschuk, first on the deeply personal dark comedy mental health short “The Star of Therapy,” which was nominated for the Yorkton Film Festival Golden Sheaf Award for comedy in 2020, and which earned her a best actress award at the Oregon Short Film Festival. After a brief pandemic-fuelled hiatus Bryce and Ana jumped back into action, with her cousin Janalee Budge, to create Grandma Lee’s Dress, a film inspired by her great grandmother. The short earned them Top 3 in the CBC Short Film Face Off 2023, and was a huge testament to the Vancouver independent film community and their ever appreciated support.


Their next project, SEED, with writer-director Jacob Weldon, which is a sci fi comedy horror, has been subverting expectations since its release in August. It was a huge highlight for Ana to get to combine two things she loves the most: comedy, and shamelessness. 


Looking at the year ahead, she is excited to work on upcoming feature films “East Van Rich,” directed by Dale Bredeson, as well as preproduction for Bryce’s untitled feature film director debut. Ana is forever thankful for all the creative support in her life, and to her parents for forgetting to renew their birth control. 

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