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Bryce Iwaschuk is a devoted editor, director, writer and producer hailing from Vancouver British Columbia. After graduating from two streams at Langara College Film Arts in 2015 and 2017, he broke his way into the industry as a freelance editor - starting on short films, demo reels and mockumentaries before moving his way up to feature film edits.


With only 3 years as an editor behind him, he managed to snag an award for best editing at The Hollywood International Film Festival, he has edited 3 feature films (myPhone, Amber’s Descent, and Flu), and he studied the dailies to help him pursue his true calling in life - as a writer/director.


With help from his collaborative partner Ana Pacheco, and producer/director Andy Wong, they formed Come On In Productions in 2019.


The Star of Therapy, a loosely autobiographical retelling of Ana Pacheco's time spent in the Vancouver mental health circuit, is their first major output from the studio.

AnaPacheco Head shot.jpg

 Ana Pacheco is a Vancouver born writer, actor, comedian and improviser. She has had a passion for storytelling from a young age and discovered her love of screenwriting during her time at Langara Film Arts 2015 where she won the screenwriting award for her film “Run Along, Robert.”


After graduation she continued to write as well as spend several years on set as a third assistant director, before realizing her passion for acting. Over the past couple years, she has had the opportunity to act in several indie projects, including the short film “Wild Bred,” which screened at several film festivals including the Austin Arthouse Film Festival, and the Twin Cities Film Fest. She also participated in Vancouver’s indie filmmaking competitions Blood N Guts and Run N Gun, where she was nominated as best actress at both screenings. She was inspired to write “The Star of Therapy” after participating in group therapy two times, one for treatment of her OCD, and the other for treating her General Anxiety Disorder.


As a big advocate for destigmatizing mental health, she wanted to create a piece of art that would demystify but not glorify the relationships that develop and the atmosphere that is created when in group therapy. She sincerely hopes that the film will speak to those who have had similar experiences as well as those who are open to learning more about the silent fight that those with a mental illness endure every day. 

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Andy Wong is an Asian-Canadian filmmaker from Vancouver. After finishing the film program at Simon Fraser University, he very quickly began working in various departments in Vancouver’s booming film and TV industry before finally settling in as an assistant director, with credits such as Supergirl, DC Legends of Tomorrow, and The Detour. He discovered soon after that his passion lies in producing, and so he began producing “The Star of Therapy” with his two friends under the company “Come On In Productions” and ultimately starting his own production company “Iso-art Films”.


With 2 completed short films, 4 shorts and a web pilot in post production, Andy has built a strong foundation as a producer in only a couple of years. His passion, drive and well rounded experience in the film industry has made him a strong asset on any

production team.

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